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Success Coaching and 13 Step study plan

-Why the education system is rigged and how you can beat it

-13 Steps to 100% grades

-How to stop perpetuating failure

-How to know if you are a visual or auditory learner

-How to study and pass the NCLEX

-Different career paths in nursing

                                                                              -What it takes to be an entrepreneur

Crash NCLEX Review Course

Up Coming Class Schedule

-10- 14 days

-Cost $400 LPN Students

          $500 RN Studnets

                                    -Monday July 8th, 2020

                                    - Time: 2:30pm -8:30pm 

Call us 917-602-9927 and we will set you up with a tutor that can make your studying troubles disappear.

Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED Training 

Now Available 

Available Course

-First Aid- Free

-Adult and Pediatric First Aid CPR/AED- $60.

-BLS $100

RN Tutoring

-By appointment

-Cost $45 per hour

Mode- walk in, by phone, webinars.

LPN Tutoring

-By appointment

-Cost $35 per hour

Mode -walk in, by phone, webinars.

Pre- Requisite

-You are about to enter into nursing school or need to take certain science pre-requisite that you have no clue how to handle?  Call us

-You don't understand subjects like, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Anatomy…? Call us

-You are about to repeating a class and you are not sure if you can do any better this time around? Call us