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Resume/Interview Help

Are you looking for jobs and are getting no luck. The problem may not be with you or your efforts but with your resume.

Let us take a look at it for you for free.

 We will only charge you if we have to change something critical.

The look of a resume alone can deter an employer from hiring you, the set up, the font size, the wording all of which cam make you marketable or not.

1. Never over a page
As much information as you would like to include your whole life’s history in your resume to market yourself, do try to constrain yourself. Your employer has to many prospective employees to have the time to read a biography. You can tell them all the added details on your interview

2. Last things first
Your employer want to know what you are dong now. When you place it first it is easier to locate.

3. Include month and years
The year has 12 months in a year so please indicate when exactly you started working at particular location. One month can make a different between a year or two experience. It may be easier for your employer to spot if there are gaps in your employment, but you want to be frank and transparent.

4. Leave irrelevant information out
This will help you cut a lot out of your resume and bring it to the one page limit. If you are looking for a job as a teacher then working maintenance at Target may not be relevant at the moment., but working t a day care will be.

Revamping you resume: $75
Start from scratch: $175