Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center

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Tutoring Rule and Regulations

  1. I am a Christian and believe that if God is not helping both of us we will accomplish nothing.
  2. I am your tutor not a teacher.
  3. I am very serious about my work. I may seem strict but it is for your own benefit.
  4. You must be honest with yourself and me. Following all given instruction.
  5. I do not allow tape recordings of my sessions.
  6. For all hourly classes a non refundable partial payment will be required before class. 
  7. You must be able to put aside two hours for every hour of tutoring.
  8. My tutoring sessions are not simply directed at succeeding a test but succeeding a career.
  9. You must accept your lack and allow me to help you fill them, in order to grasp the essential parts of what you need to learn. That may entail starting at basic anatomy and physiology or medical surgical nursing review and not NCLEX review.
  10. You must pay attention and be able to participate. (That implies you taking notes asking question and answering questions that I pose)
  11. There will be a final assessment test at the end of the tutoring sessions to evaluate your progress and your readiness for future exam(s).
  12. I will offer studying materials for your benefit and expect that you review them. (added fee for print outs)
  13. I will give quizzes as I see fit, before or after tutoring session in order to ensure that we are on the same page.
  14. I may provide you with review questions after a couple tutoring session to ensure you are retaining the materials covered.
  15. An attendance sheet will be signed on each meeting.
  16. Schedules are subject to change for both parties.
  17. I will be doing a written evaluation on your progress after each session.
  18. If you will be unable to attend a tutoring session a 24-hour notice is required.
  19. Please call if you are to be late.
  20. A (few) basic test(s) may be given at the first tutoring session to evaluate your standing and denote how much tutoring will be necessary how long and where we shall start. (Your study plan will be personalized to your needs.)
  21. Payment must be received before tutoring is done over the phone. No speaker phone used during session.
  22. Your study plan will be my personally designed 6-13-step method where you will be encouraged to read, listen, watch and practice. 
  23. The price for the LPN tutoring is as indicated on page 3; if you are able to bring 2 people I will reduce the price by $10 dollars. 
  24. I require an additional one-time fee of $15 dollars for the use of my study plan.
  25. All zoom class will be recoded and made available for you and future students please ensure you are dressed appropriately during recoding. 


I have carefully read and agree to comply with the rules and regulations of this tutoring program to comply with the rules and regulations of this tutoring program.