Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center

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I became a nurse because I wanted to find a way to make a difference in people’s lives in a tangible way. From a young age I noted I had a soft heart that hurt form the troubles of others even to the point of crying for fictional characters in books and movies. Because my father was a doctor in Haiti and he sometimes travelled with my sister and I on some of his house calls, I was made aware of the frailty of man quite early in life. At that young age, not having the capabilities of a super hero or the divinity of God, I decided caring for those in the hospital was the best way to reconcile with my need to save the world. Now that I am more mature my goals have grown to encompass wanting not only to help to heal wounds and give medication, but also treat a person as a whole- mind body and soul.

I must admit one thing about my nursing career; it is not full of the heroic venture I had dreamed of in the past. I have been made to realize a few concepts about nursing care: there are many people that are sick one way or the other with not too many remedies for all our ailments, some illnesses are more visible than others, some diseases have quick fixes others take a longer time to heal, and while some people get over their ailment some people die. With that said I am not rescuing everyone I encounter in the hospital from his or her ailments. I do the best that I can in he time I am given I always go the extra mile even though there is no reward. And

I do not expect anyone to cover for me what I cannot cover for myself. Unfortunately, I have found there are many more wrongs in the world than just sickness, there are also HMO’s, insurance companies, protocols and policies that one would like to vanquish every once in a while. Luckily I have discovered that I was placed on this earth to do more than just help cure illnesses. I have a calling to help many others reach their greatest potential using my talents of story telling, public speaking and teaching.

With the help of my aunt I have put these gifts to work everyday in our nursing tutoring business, Gab-Nic Excelsior Nursing Tutoring Center. I help people in different levels of nursing, namely CNA, LPN, and RN increase their knowledge in the sciences in order to pass their various exams. I provide help in all nursing subjects from pre-requisites to NCLEX. Recalling the rigor of the nursing curriculum and how a systematic study plan can mean so much, I have designed a studying technique that promises better comprehension and higher grades that I share with all of my tutees. Using my various gifts I help produce more heroes and heroine that may be better able to do what I cannot.

My mission does not end there, loving children and seeing that there is a big problem with delinquent youth in the inner cities, my aunt and I started, just this years, a summer program we coined “The Talented Tenth” where we had fun activities and seminars on how the youth can build their character and have success in today’s society. I plan to focus more on children in the future because one can have more of an impact on them than adults. If the youth can learn how to take better care of them while they are young you can make healthier adults out of them. As my father made an impression on me in the health field I hope to do the same for on the children under my care.